Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The "Yeys" and "Boos" of the Last Couple of Months

Enchanted - Yey! brought my sister along, para di dyahe manood. haha
The Kingdom - Boo! sux...
Sweeney Todd - Boo! Emo musical!
I am Legend - Boo! Will Smith == Black Tom Cruise
Eastern Promises - Boo! held promise, until blatant exposure of Viggo Mortinsen's penis
The Golden Compass - Boo! Lord of the Rings Poser.
National Treasure Book of Secrets - Boo! Wasted my F*ckin' Time and Money. Worst movie of the year.

The brilliant green - Yey! Jpop Rocks!
Marie Digby - Yey! Don't know who she is? Search her on Youtube
Urbandub - Yey! There's hope or OPM yet

TV Shows:
Heroes episodes 1 - 6 - Boo!
Heroes episodes 7 - 11 - Yey!
Psych - Yey! my new favorite show. haha!
Zaido - Do you have to ask? Boo Boo Boo BOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Mayweather knocks out Hatton - Yey! Lupet.
Upcoming Pacquiao VS Marquez - Yey! Para sayo... ang laban na to....
Rumored Pacquiao VS Hatton - Yey! punish manny pacquiao for sticking his tongue inside Valerie Concepcion's mouth Hatton!
Lakers are winning - Yey! Go Kobe!
Heat are on a 14 game losing streak - Yey! Look who's laughing now fatso (Shaq)

Pinoy Showbiz:
Pinoy Big Brother (with Mariel inside house) - Yey! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! =)
Pinoy Big Brother (sans Mariel) - Zzzzzzz..... Boo!
Dennis Trillo - Boo!
Cristine Reyes on FHM - Yey! Ooooooohhh Yeah!
Dennis Trillo on Cristine Reyes - Boo! Lucky Bastard...

Heath Ledger is Dead - Boo! By dying, he has made Brokeback Mountain a Classic. Eew.
He finished his part for Batman Dark Knight though - Yey! Buti nalang...
Found out Dumbledore is GAY!!! - Boo! NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
My Chemical Romance is performing at the Fort this Friday - Boo!
Traffic is gonna be hell - Double Boo!
Chemical Romance Front man is Gay - Hell Yeah! In your face stupid Emo fools!!!!

Stuff I Own:
Leah Dizon Photo Book - Super Yeah! Thanks Kabo!
SMART Bro - Boo! More like Smart BroKEN! Die Mother F*ckers, Die!
NBA live network play on my PSP during free time at work - Yey
Constantly being owned in NBA Live - Boo.... Sad...
Bought new shoes - Yey!
Got Drunk and puked on my New Shoes - Boo!

Friday, November 16, 2007

My Life

#define ON 1
#define OFF 0

typedef struct
unsigned long WakeUp :1;
unsigned long Shower :1;
unsigned long StuffMyFace :1;
unsigned long Travel :1;
unsigned long TwiddleMyThumbs :1;
unsigned long Oogle :1;
unsigned long Pretned2Work :1;
unsigned long Hmmmmmm :1;



void main()
unsigned long Time;

Time = get_time();

switch (Time) {
case 520:
Actions.WakeUp = ON;
Actions.Shower = ON;

case 600:
Actions.SuffMyFace = ON;

case 630:
//To Work
Actions.Travel = ON;
case 700:
//Arrive at Work

case 1200:
Actions.SuffMyFace = ON;
case 1300:

case 1700:
//Happy Happy Happy
//To House
Actions.Travel = ON;

case 1830:

Actions.WakeUp = OFF;


}while (EventParm.WeekDay == true)

//Week Ends To be coded.
//No Actions as of Yet
//Social Life to be Added


void home_stuff(unsigned long StopTime)
unsigned long Time;

Time = get_time();

if (EventParm.JavTalkDownLoadEnd == true)
Actions.Hmmmmmm = ON;

//edit. Change to 'for loop'

if (EventParm.Hungry == true)
Actions.StuffMyFace = ON;

} while (Time != StopTime)


void office_stuff(unsigned long StopTime)
unsigned long Time;

Time = get_time();

//Optimize code. This if is never executed. Take it out.
if (EventParm.HotGirlisPresent == true)
Actions.Oogle = ON;

//This if else statement is not enough.
//Catch all Scenarios.
//i.e. if caught - KissAss = ON etc.
if (EventParm.BossIsNotLooking == true)
Actions.TwiddleMyThumbs = ON;
Actions.Pretend2Work = ON;

} while (Time != StopTime)


Monday, November 12, 2007

If I Were No 3. (Abridged Version)

Since nothing interesting has happened recently, and I wanna get back to watching... uhm, stuff;

If I were a Heroes Character:

I'd be Ando.

Apathetic and Mediocre. That's me. He doesn't even have a freakin' power. Basically, He sucks...

But in a good way.

Coz he's funny.

If I were a Character from One Piece

I'd be Buggy the Clown

Why? Because he's an egotistical self centered guy, who has some talent, but not much (compared to the rest of the One Piece Populace). He's a boss early in the show. Which means he quickly becomes a comic relief character.

He's a Loser that can only beat characters that are more loserish (wow, new word) than him..

So if I ever beat you in anything before, consider yourself cannon fodder.

If I were a Character from Proposal Daisakusen

I'd be Iwase Ken.

No, not becuase I can relate to the character. No Way! Get real man. I am him kasi kasing gwapo ko sha. End of Story.

Haleluiah Chance!

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Leah Speed Balls


I watched Balls of Fury this afternoon. Yep, the ping pong movie (I'm not gonna waste my time writing a lengthy synopsis). It was kind of ok. Ther've been a lot of movies like this recently (comedies with some kind of sport in the middle of it); Nacho Libre, Blades of Glory, Talladega Nights and Dodge Ball. I have to say that this movie is the weakest of these movies. Why? Because the the protagonist is a fat, curly haired, rocker wanna be and guess what? It ain't Jack Black.

The whole movie seems to be tailor made for Jack Black. So much so that the producers probably went "Hey writer grunts, we're gonna get Jack Black to do a movie for us, no, we haven't asked him yet but there's no way he'd say no right? Write a script... and oh yeah, it has to have ping pong in it".

When the script was done and they offered him the movie, Mr. Black probably went Nnnnaaaahhh... Not Interested dudes, sorry... Lucha Libre!!!!".

Shit. But what about this perfectly good script about ping pong battles to the death!? Thought the producers. "What the hell, lets get somebody else". Then they searched high and low for a second rate actor who wouldn't mind being given the instructions; "When in doubt, think what Jack Black would do".

At least dodge ball had Vince Vaughn, Talladega Nights had Will Ferrell... Balls of Fury? No such luck.

Hey, at least it has Maggie Q (She's as hot as ever). Aside from that, it gave me a memorable line that I will now use every time I whoop somebody's ass in Ping Pong;

"My balls have been tempered by the fire of hell's dragon"


A friend of mine mentioned that there's gonna be a Speed Racer movie... and the Wachowski brothers (Matrix Trilogy, V for Vendetta) are gonna write and direct it! So, i went online and googled... and the rumor is...... TRUE!!! There's even is a cast!!!

Speed Racer - Emile Hirsch (Girl Next Door)
Trixie (Speed's Girlfriend) - Cristina Ricci
Pops Racer - John Goodman
Mom Racer - Susan Sarandon
Racer X - Matthew Fox (That Lost guy)
Speed Racer's Rival - Rain (the korean dude, Justin from full house hahahaha)

I never really followed the old Speed Racer anime... so I'm not really all that hyped... but it is gonna be directed by the Wachowskis, that's good right? That is, unless you ask Allan Moore. haha, sorry. Comic book Joke. XD


Here's a video of one of Leah Dizon's Music videos. Why am I posting it? To test video posting that's all. And oh yeah, to get on Kabo's nerves. Hahahaha!!! Pretty kaya nya oh!!!
Ung photobook ko men! Don't forget!